Google play console All watches are unsupported after all necessary steps have been taken

Hi everyone,
I have uploaded my first app to the google play console
but all devices are unsupported although I made all the steps I have read here in the forum.
What have done so far:

  1. Uploaded 2 aab files - one for the companion mobile app and one for the watch app.
  2. Submitted the app to wear os via setup>>advanced settings>>Release type wear os
  3. On the wear manifest file I have added the line <uses-feature android:name="" />
  4. The app is active on open and closed testing (haven’t been submitted to production yet) - Link to open testing web: Sign in - Google Accounts
  5. The Wear OS-release type status is active.

BUT the problem is that “this item is not compatible with your device” as you can see in that image:

And when I go to the device catalog all devices are Unsupported, and I can`t include any device, as you can see here:

Can someone please help me to understand why it`s happening and how can I solve this?

And here is the Wear OS Release status:


Thank you in advance.

Similar problem like here

Currently there’s no solution for this.

Oh no :worried: … uploading an app to Google Play is like giving birth … I guess I’ll open a ticket too.
Thanks for the update.