Google play wear os companion app

yeah experiencing same issue with reviews on play store.

Finally the Play Store App is just optimized for Smartphone Apps and we have to wait until they optimized there handling for standalone watch apps. Maybe things get better when they release there own watch devices to build a smooth UX for new users. Currently it’s a wild situation.

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I am writing a tutorial about it, will share a link here soon! So stay tuned :smiley:


AWESOME! Looking forward.

that really nice gl mate!

@ALITHIR @LaZeDudE @Szewcu72 Hi, I have created this video in hurry so if you still don’t understand drop me DM or email me at I would love to help you guys! Sorry for my voice as it’s my first video explanation so I am not good in it :stuck_out_tongue: Create Simple Companion app for WearOS Watch Faces #WearOS #Watchfaces #Android - YouTube


Thank you Murtaza, most appreciated

Thanks for the video tutorial. I do not quite understand what should happen after clicking on the Download button. I did everything as you said, uploaded and did internal testing in the Google Console. By pressing the button nothing happens. Or will it not work through internal testing?

For making this button work u need to do some coding in MainActivity class, as i said its just bogus companion app it has nothing else to do just to make your watchface visibility easy u can use this app as its. Or if u want this download button to work. Then go to MainActivity class there create a button variable like Button downloadBtn then call it by findviewbyid what ever id u wrote in xml file now create an intent of a link provide link of your watchface there. You can google how to create browser intent on a button for more information on that…

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I want to clarify. If you use the method from your video, will the watch faces be available for installation? Or do you need to carry out additional manipulations with the application?

Yes it will be available for installation, but make sure to change icon of the app to the watch face screenshot or your brand icon, as if you put Android App without any icon they will reject the application.

Thanks for the answer. Sorry for the stupid question. I have no way to check all this due to the lack of Galaxy Watch 4. I download the application to my phone, should the watch face appear on the watch automatically? Thanks again for your reply.

This is what user will see if he pressed install button app will be downloaded for both watch and phone separately.

Hello, I have a problem. I created the Companion App exactly your video, but I have received an error message from the review team.

Hi. You got it wrong somewhere. Start from the beginning. I did everything from the video and it all works. Maybe the dial file name and the project name in android studio do not match.

I did everything as well as in the video. Dial file name and project name are correct. Does devices still have to be excluded in the device catalog?

oh thats real niceee thanks mate :smiling_face:

Can you show me the screenshot of your app production page ? As it says app doesn’t install om wearable. And an other thing did u put an icon in you android companion app ?

U need to exclude oppo watches. Nothing else

Can u show me the error of mis matches, if they not matching u need to match manually.