Google Play Console Production Releases

The Google DEV support chat can be helpful I found but some issues still remain.

I have created a number of applications that have now passed after some small changes to descriptions.
My Watch Faces are showing up fine on the google play link they provide .

When I try to install it says no device is eligible for install.

I was missing this step if you add from advanced settings - Release types - Wear OS by Google.

I received a message my application is published successfully but if you check from Dashboard I still see
Production 0 active devices 172 countries / regions.

Are other developers successfully able to install to there Galaxy Watch once its passed and its in Production release ?

Another issue one application failed because of battery issue on another android watch so I fixed this issue and uploaded new .aab but now after it has passed I see this issue on the release section and there seems to be no way to remove this.

Wear OS by GoogleManage * Update rejected

Please put Play Store and issues and fixes in this Thread

I will try to funnel them to someone with contacts at Play Store

Samsung Developer Relations

In the play store you can select

Apps - Catogories - Watch faces

Health and fitness watch faces
Classic watch faces
Gallery watch faces
Artistic watch faces

All these watch faces are FREE.

I can’t see any of these Catogories from store settings I was advised to use personalization and tagg watch faces.

How do you get your watch faces listed in these categories on the play store ?

Will there be options for paid and free ?

Would also be helpful if someone that has managed to upload and get any sort of traffic going can perhaps share the steps they used or things we need to be aware of.

I have also got some on play store, but no traffic, I am not even sure how people would find it to be honest.

Just in case we are missing something, perhaps some sort of guide would be really appreciated.

Thank you


Now I can download to my watch today which is good news would still like to understand how to list the faces like when you click the store link from the Galaxy Wearable application for example.

I am also having this problem! I launched some watch faces on the Play Store, I don’t even know how they are being displayed and I don’t even know if they are working correctly. In the Android Studio emulator they work fine, but I see some developer here saying that some “complications” display failures.

And worst of all, I don’t even have the Watch 4 watch to test, here in my country it will be released around September 15th. Meanwhile, I’m in the dark about that, but who knows, until then Watch Face Studio is updated and I fix the bugs.

The simple thing to get more traffic in play store is create 2 version of the watch face. One is .aab file generated from watch face studio (wear app), and another one is .abb file for phone version (phone app). It’s only blank phone app which has same package id and lower versioncode.

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How do we create that empty .aab? Using Android Studio ?


Yes, you can use android studio :slight_smile:

@ZNW Very risky, Google has an easy ban.

@Matteo_Dini Check top 100 watch faces, every second one have this. Besides, I believe google only checks latest version code.

@amoledwatchfaces The ones I’ve seen all have a companion phone app, not just a blank phone app. Or at least it seems to me that I haven’t found them in the top 100.

I share the same observation. Those watch faces are not free, they are freemium. Their watch faces are linked to their own companion phone app which uses Google Ads and IAP as revenue generators. Both watch faces and companion phone apps are coded in Android Studio.

Hi Ron, I couldn’t find any information about how to create such companion phone app with IAP. Can you please ask Google team to provide some insights on how to go about doing it? Thanks.

I’m not sure whether my watchfaces can be reached at all. For example, I generated 50 coupons for my latest watchface. All are taken, but there was no download. I can download it myself. But can other users do it too? What is going on there?

Yeah same with me, it really should not be this big of a pain for us to get our stuff out.

We put in so much time in design and marketing, but this platform is just really frustrating and yeah I dunno anymore.

I think you need to look for other sources for exposure like YouTube reviewers or Facebook and other social media sites.

Samsung Developer Relations

I have other sources, I have been doing this for 5 years now, but there seems to be no traffic to Google store, no matter what.

Reply from DEV team made a new post on this issue very frustrating …

Thanks again for contacting Google Play Developer Support.

First, I apologize for misunderstanding your query about app category.

I understand now that you’d want to include or list your app under the section WATCH_FACE (

I checked into it and the Play Console doesn’t currently support listing or including your app in this category. Luckily, we place a high value on developer feedback, and I’ll be sure to pass along your specific feedback to our product team. We’re continually adding new features and functionality, so please stay tuned.

If you’d want to feature your app in this section, please kindly contact our Google Play Support team for further assistance.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns about the Play Console.

Google Play Developer Support

Did you know we offer chat support in English? You can chat with us Monday through Friday, 12 a.m. to 12 a.m. Greenwich Time (GMT).

Do you know How do we create that empty .aab Using Android Studio ? please share steps and code.

HI Anuprode 09

That was a bad bit of advice in my opinion. My understanding from other sources is that this tactic can bet you banned from Play Store.

But anyway this is not a topic for the Samsung Developers Community but should be asked on the Android Developers Discussion Groups

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