Published on Google Store but not downloadble

hello… I managed to publish to the google play store without problems, but When it comes to look for the app or download I can not…

and in the compatible devices I can find more than 35 watches including mine (GW4).
What is it that I am doing wrong here?

Thanks guys!!!

This is because Wear OS build with Watch Face Studio powered by Samsung with an API of 28+, are not supported by Google Play on some 13,840 Android devices.

Customers affected by this error message are advised to browse and download via web browser from personal computer or search the watch name in Play Store > under ‘This Device’ > select Watch and tick their model > proceed to Install > Redeem Coupon > Pay > wait for app to appear on their watch.

I believe Google Play is working on it. In the meantime, Publishers/Developers familiar with Android Studio have paired their apps with another companion app to defeat Google Play’s algorithm (sort of) to project the app through.

You may find some workaround here:

And here: Strange on Google Play, share a secret!

Thanks for the fast answer, the issue here seems to be different since, the screen captures are made on a web browser…



It often takes a few hours to days to show up in Play Store.

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes, it takes a few days to find the Watch Faces in the different categories. But this has nothing to do with the error that the watch faces are not downloadable.
I have tested this many times on Samsung S9 Plus and Samsung S20 Plus.
My test:
I cleared the Play app cache. Watch Faces that were previously discoverable were no longer discoverable.
It seems that you have to click the link twice for the Play app to allow a download.
This error does not occur on a PC browser.