Granting device admin removed other third-party apps' permissions

We have a user of our app who had a very peculiar issue on his Samsung device: when he granted device admin to our third-party app, all permissions from other apps were removed right after:

It removed permissions for all my applications instead… I had to enable permissions again for all the apps one by one. Things like access to photos for whatsapp. It literally remover all permissions.

This seems like there might be an issue with the Samsung OS here? On Android it should be impossible for any third-party app to remove permissions for other apps. Of course this behavior really spooked the user, and I’d love to prevent this from happening in the future.

Does anyone know where to flag this with the relevant Samsung dev team? Any help would be much appreciated! (Also, if you think the cause might be elsewhere, I’d love to hear from you)

The user’s device:

  • Samsung SM-S911B
  • Android 14


Please create a support request in the Samsung developer support.