Guidance for selling watch faces


Can I please ask where to start with attempting to sell my watch faces?

Do people typically sell via Google Play or via Samsung themselves?

Do you need any type of developer license as such and if so what is the process for applying?

Also as an aside, what would be recommended as the best laptop for developing watch faces on?

I appreciate that I have asked quite a lot of questions but hopefully someone can point me in the right direction!

Many thanks!

Welcome to the Samsung Developer Forum RB!

Information about selling watch faces can be found on this page:

For Galaxy Watch4 and later, you are not required to have a developer license (or a watch face design partnership with Samsung) in order to distribute watch face designs. Watch apps developed for Galaxy Watch4 and later are distributed through Google Play Store.

Samsung doesn’t make any hardware recommendations other than what is necessary to use our tools. However, perhaps the developer community here may have some insights on what they use and why.

Please be sure to search through the forum to see if any of your questions have already been answered!

Thank you,

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you so much! I am excited to get started!