Watch 4 Classic - Watch Face DESIGNER

I would like to develop watch faces for Watch 4 Classic. Please provide software link to develop.
As a new developer here, after develop one watch, can i directly upload to play store?
or do i need to take approval from samsung through WATCH FACE DESIGN REVIEW
Please advise.

  1. This is the link for the software and everything you need to know to build a Wear OS

  2. You can upload it directly to Google Play Console, when your submission is approved it will appear in Play Store. But you first need a Google Play Console account. Once you have an account with bank details and privacy policy done and all, it should be relatively easy and fast

  3. I dont think you need an approval from Samsung to publish in Play Store. You do need to apply for Samsung approval if you wish to publish in Galaxy Store

Hope it helps.

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Google Play platform is not as organized and professional as SAMSUNG Galaxy Store. In your startup, you need lots of patience, diligence and maybe learn ‘meditation’ :slight_smile:


@ALITHIR Thank you so much for the link and valuable advise.