How do I begin Selling my watch face?

I have made two so far and was wondering if I can sell them on the Google Play Store AND/OR the Galaxy store?

What are the steps to take? I would appreciate any insight

Firstly Tizen developers accounts can no longer be made since Tizen OS support for Galaxy Store has ended

For Selling WF On Google Playstore For Wear OS 3

  1. acquire a developer account for Google Playstore. This Also invloves verifications that include Income tax number submission, identity card submissions and then when approved you can use Google Play Console to upload your watchface.

  2. Watchface has to be in .aab bundle form which will be done by Samsung Watchface Studio when you use build button to build it.

  3. Google has laid out parameters for watchface preview images which are compulsory to be attached and to be in given.Google dimensions parameters.

  4. Complete all 13 forms which you will fill and submit once you will upload watchface to play console.This includes privacy policy made, declared and available on a website. I use blogger.

  5. IF you want your watchface to also appear on Google Playstore phone app then you have to make another app called helper app which is made in Android Studio.

Detailed guide For Helper app and source code for it is shared and its available in this forum search for it. Otherwise your watchface will not ve visible in seaeches from phone BUt will be visible on watch playstore when approved.

6 After submission of watchface and this holds true for all updates you will do . Google will test and approve it in approx 48 hours time. If anything is not according to Google specifications it may get rejected and then you will re submit again if thats the case after making corrections which will be highlighted by Google Wear OS Testing Team. You will resubmit if asked.


I appreciate this detailed reply! Do people generally sell on either Google Play Store OR galaxy store? Is both possible?

Wear OS watchfaces are only sold in Google Playstore For international sellers for all countries. You cannot sell it on Galaxy Store.

As per my knowledge which may not be completely correct ONLY in China(developers stationed in China physically ) since there is no Google Playstore Services . Samsung facilitates them to post watchfaces on Galaxy Store.

Galaxy Store is installed on Watch 4 and Watch5 in China as far as i know.

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