Guide: Creating custom menu options

I recently figured out how to add arbitrary selection screens to the edit watch face menu, and thought I’d share my process in case anyone found it useful - I published it at

In brief, the method comprises the following steps:

  • extract the final apk from watch face studio into a folder
  • modify the configuration file stored in the watch face to add more menu options
  • add configuration blocks to make use of the new menu options
  • creating a new apk incorporating this modified file

I hope this is helpful!


Hello, yes, this works just fine and it proves that something like this: WFS Feature Requests Q3 2023 - #17 by amoledwatchfaces
is definitely possible.
Hopefully it will be added to WFS soon :slight_smile:

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Congratulations and thanks, you found and described way how to partially bypass the persistent avoidance to enhancing the “scoop of WFS” with user interactive tags.