[Guide] how to get best results with millisecond e.g [MSEC]

Hi, after many videos , testing and discussion i found that Tags such as [MSEC], [SEC_MSEC], [UTC_TS]

Refresh on the watch at 100milliseconds which is more or less equal to 10 times a sec or 10hz.

So for animation using these tags the best /smoothness we going to get is 10fps / 10hz animations

Formula to make it clean 10hz is
For [MSEC] is




And for

[UTC_TS] is


To add preview in wfs the “time machine”
Is not to the milisecond also to my eyes its like 5hz or less


Good Topic Bookmarked . Well done .

Thanks a lot for your research and for sharing it with us. :+1: :santa:

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