Increase SWEEP SECOND hand speed

Hey all, your friendly neighborhood WFS design noob, here!

So I need a code (and a place to put it) that will make my SECOND hand complete a 15Hz SWEEP rotation once a second instead of once per minute. If I turn off APPLY ROTATION PROPERTIES, I found I can use a code in the ROTATE > ANGLE field, but can’t work out what needs to go there. I guess the parallel would be a millisecond sweep on a stopwatch.


You may have to animate it but try

[SEC] *50
[MSEC] / 2.775


Try to put [MSEC]*360/1000 in the field for tags. Theoretically this should work smooth, but in preview it just jumps around, the value of [MSEC] does not update fluently (at least not in my WFS).
People say that even on watches it moves jerky.

OFF Topic: Does anyone knows how to move sweep seconds in CCW ? as with normal rotation i see that option but when I chose sweep it disappear.

I don’t think it is supported at this time but is on a suggestion list.

Samsung Developer Relations.

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Yep, that jumps all over the place. :slight_smile:

Yeh, that jumps all over like the [MSEC]*360/1000, does. Rats!

This just seems so strange, that they would not have a ‘complication’ for a subsecond stopwatch hand - that has been around for many decades, in the analog world. :confused:

Any other ideas to try out?


UPDATE: I did an animation of 15 frames and it looked ‘okay’ in WFS, but really jumpy on the watch (like, 7 FPS), so … I don’t know. :confused:

I guess until they make a [MSEC] sweep hand (i.e. stopwatch), then what I have may be the best I can get.

It would maybe suffice, if they fixed how the [MSEC] tag updates. Even if you put it in a text field, it wont show fluently, but jumps trough about 5 numbers each second.

Correct; it is extremely erratic.