[GUIDE] Open Steps Activity with a Custom app ID

Requests have been increasing lately about how to open Steps Activity with custom app ID.

It is quite interesting that this has not yet been added to WFS. Yes, it is possible and it will be very easy to deliver it there.

So we have an option in the latest WFS to open Heart Rate, it opens heart rate on every device, not just Samsung, so I though, it’s not just custom app ID if it opens heart rate on different devices. This must be something different, something new :roll_eyes:

1 simple project with heart rate button, and logcat search lead me to finding, that intent which is opening heart rate is health://heartrate

so, what will happen when I put health://steps there? :smiley:

there is probably no need to guess the result.

To open Steps Activity with custom app id, just use


Bonus: save one complication slot :wink:

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Its works for heartrate and steps but not sleep btw…just testing if can access all health activity via this method.

So I’m using com.samsung.android.wear.shealth in App ID on WFS. This opens SHealth but I have to scroll to Daily Activity, which is all I want to see. So as a test I’ve tried different versions of what you show in the App ID window - just health://steps to com.samsung.android.wear.health/steps and variations on that and can’t get Steps to show. All I get on the watch is “Item not found.” What exactly are you putting where to get Steps, if you would?

Just health://steps in the app id window…i have tried it, its works

Hi are u on wear os 4?

And what version of wfs?

Thank you very much!!! Turned out. I would like to see the whole list of codes

Installed app list: adb shell pm list packages.
More adb command: https://developer.android.com/tools/adb#pm


Thanks. I’ll give that a try - once my watch and computer start getting along again!! They have decided to not pair for some reason.

May want to search for this topic

[Guide] connecting watch to wfs

I combined all the related post there

I will but it was working fine for a couple months and now it gets snarky. I hate tech…

OK. FIgured out the new process and connected to my watch. But while using health://steps will give me steps when I try different variation on Daily Activity it doesn’t work. I’m trying to show the Daily Activity part that shows steps, minutes worked out, and calory count from activity (see pic) but can’t get it to show up, meaning clicking on the TAP gets no response.

Not all works the same way i tested sleep it didnt work either so i guess this method only works for heartrate and steps.

My take is only hr and step are univesal (from wear os). The rest is samsung health apps

Internal, that’s what I was thinking. I can scroll to get there from a TAP but I’d like to go directly. Oh well! Such is life. I’ll keep lurking to see if someone figures this out. Thanks for the help though! I appreciate it!

Hi Rog, Wear 4 uses an intermediate app Health Services that take data from the hosted Health App, be it Samsung or Google. However it does not have Daily Activity that is a Samsung Health app.

I think you want this
com.samsung.android.shealthmonitor but I’m not sure. If that isn’t it
go to Play Store and download the Package names app . open it and you will see the apps that are installed on your phone.
Try running simple adb commands

adb connect 192.168.xxx.xxx:5555 (your watch IP address & enable debugging)
adb shell
pm list packages

You will get an output list like this

The app ID is the text after package:

Samsung Developer Relations

That links to the ecg/blood pressure monitor. Not daily activity.

Thanks, Ron! I appreciate it! Ill let you know if it works.

Nope. That called the ECG app. I’ll try the rest.

@rog1598215254 dont think u be able to make a shotcut that jumps straigh to samsung health own individual activity. At least with app id method. U need to do work around. Is this for personal use or to be put on google store? If for personal use i could show u a work around. How many complication u have so far?

I think i know the app id for daily activity. But u wont be able to open it. I done logcat its says “access denied”

U are able to get heart rate and steps because theses are also provided by the google services./ system.

@rog1598215254 suggest u create a new topic.
Leave this just the steps id.

Just personal use. And I have 4 complications including going to SHealth. What’s your work around? The little heart icon would be cool.


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