Action for tap STEPS - what App ID?

I created text with steps and I would like to make an action tap to show the steps on the screen. What will be the command for this?

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Hi @tomurbanowicz . I am not an expert but I have done a bit . Do you mean you are showing [SC] in a Text Box . I use Long Text Comps Hidden because the all seem to show Different styles of Icon and Spacing etc . However if you are Prepared to play a bit you can get it to do what you want . If you leave it Empty the long Text Comp can be set up to run any App Or Widget on your watch .

That’s not what I mean. You can click on some complications and go to the appropriate screen. Unfortunately, there are no steps or weather in the native ones.

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Reason why u using tap action for your text? For steps? Rather then complication slot where it will already allow you to go to the complication choosen

E.g if u create a step complication slot. Taping it will directly go to the step counter app

Knowing the reason helps fellow developers help u to archive what u doing?

As in a picture got step count provider

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I like to take steps in a text block and that’s why I would like to make a click action in the text.

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The complication above got text block already?
Alternative you could combine your text box with a small image complication.

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There is an action for opening the steps (app ID)

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What the id? Can provide it here?

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As far as I know there is no app ID for steps. But Samsung Health maybe is the alternative:

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But that open the whole health app


Hi @r.liechty_SDP, are you able to check and confirm if there is a way to link directly to the Steps module of the Samsung Health app, via an App ID? I would also love to have this functionality in WFS.

I know we can use to link to the Health app itself, but I want to link directly to the Steps module, the same way that the Steps complication would open it when tapped.

Also, can you please make a feature request to the devs to add Steps to the list of available apps that can be opened in the “Action” section of a text box? Currently “Heart rate” is listed there, but not Steps. :slightly_smiling_face:



Excuse me if I understand the Question Incorrectly. But you are not talking about just Putting [SC] in the text Field of a Text Layer . Which can also be a Tap Pad to open an APP . Also [SC_GOAL] and [SC_PER] .
Please forgive if this simplistic response is not what you are after .

[SC] placed in a text field is not clickable - it only displays the number of steps.

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I have done a test and find [SC] clickable . If I could post a Video here I would show you . Which watch do you have ? I am on WFS 1.5.7 .
Ha Ha . Apologies to both @tomurbanowicz and @GermanKiwi . I should keep out of these things . I finished my test and I see It will only run Apps Listed . Not configurable on a watch . It would be really good if we could have IDs for the Health Data separately . I use the Comps hidden so it must be possible to find one that just does steps .
@GermanKiwi Thanks for the SHEALTH link .

You must be using an older version of WFS the Tap to measure Heart Rate was removed in WFS 1.4.x

I may be wrong but I think the Samsung Health Heart rate and Steps are widgets not apps so they don’t have any app ID. But even if they did WFS could not include them as an action because Samsung Health is not installed on all Wear Devices like it was for Tizen based watches.

This is the reason that complications are how you personalize your watch across all devices.

So no I can’t ask for it to be added.

Samsung Developers Relations

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How much would you pay if I told you the secret of how to do it directly in WFS? :smiley:

It is enough to write the correct formula in the action launcher field to open S Health Steps Activity.


Hi Ron, actually I’m using WFS 1.5.7 and it does still include “Heart rate” as one of the apps that can be selected in the Open App menu under the Action section (bottom-right corner), as you can see in these screenshots: :wink:

It doesn’t function as “tap to measure heart rate”, but rather “tap to open the heart rate activity (sub-page) inside the Samsung Health app itself”. So it’s not opening the widget, either.

I dunno how this tap action works when it is used on a watch that doesn’t have Samsung Health. My assumption is that it would open whatever is the default Heart Rate app/activity on that watch. Because the other actions in that list (see 2nd screenshot above) include things like Alarm, Calendar, Message, Phone, etc, which are all Samsung apps on a Galaxy watch, but which would be non-Samsung apps on other-branded watches (eg. they would be the Google equivalent of those apps on a Pixel watch).

So I assume that when these tap actions are used, it opens the default alarm/calendar/message/phone app on the respective watch. And thus also the default heart rate app (or sub-page of the health app).

So presumably there must also be a default steps app/activity for every watch too. This is further evidenced by the fact that WFS has “Step count” and “Heart rate” as sliders on the Run panel, which imply that these are both standard items on all Wear OS devices:

So my point here is: if it’s possible to select heart rate from the Open App menu, then why not steps?

WFS lets me display both heart rate and steps via a text field, using [HR] and [SC], so why can I only chose heart rate from the Open App menu, which opens the sub-page/activity of the Health app, but I can’t select steps from the Open App menu? That doesn’t make sense to me. :upside_down_face:

Please do share! I’d love to know how to target activities from the Open App menu. :star_struck:

Tbh like above and @r.liechty_SDP said you do not need to use open app to have the effect u want. Just u a step complication instead. You could use a image(short cut complication) then put the layer behind the face or opaqe image. Then add your custom layer over the position of the complication

In my case I do actually need to use Open App, because (1) the Steps compilation on Galaxy watches is currently broken - it doesn’t show the complication icon. (See this thread.)

And (2) I want the steps functionality to be hard-coded and automatically working on my watch face, without the user having to select a complication for it to work. That’s also the primary purpose of being able to use the [SC] tag in a text field, and the primary purpose behind the Open App action menu. And as I’ve explained above, it’s illogical that heart rate is provided on the Open App menu, but steps is not, yet I can display both of them via a tag in a text field. :slightly_smiling_face: