Built In App IDs not working in Watch Face

I’m building a fitness watch for the Gear 4 (44 mm). I’m trying to have icons click through to Timer, Heart Rate and Stopwatch. I want to open up the built in apps on the watch. I’m trying to use the APP IDs to open them, but they’ve all apparently changed with GW4.

Does anyone have a list of the built in app new ids? I’m solely using Watch Studio and not familiar with adb tools?

And why on earth hasn’t Samsung just included all of the built in tools? Who actually needs to click on a button to check battery status. There are a lot of tools that make more sense to include then useless junk like that.

Hi Erik,

I moved this to the Watch Face Studio Forum Galaxy Watch4 is not gear and runs on Wear OS powered by Samsung. To answer your last question first.
The philosophy of Wear OS is for it to be compatible over all watch devices that support the hardware. And not all watch manufactures include all of the applications in their watches.

Therefore the idea is to use complications that can be customized by the end user. Most or all the complication providers that are available over all manufactures are included in WFS. The others can either be selected by the end user or specified by you as an APP ID. Battery and steps for instance are Short Text complications (you can also use Ranged Value)

Unlike GWS, WFS does not have access to the Samsung Health API instead Wear OS has Wear Health Services. So you can’t get the same SHealth data that but you can open the apps as an action or as a complication

To get App IDs
here are some other commonly used:-

com.samsung.android.shealthmonitor Health Monitor
com.samsung.android.watch.cameracontroller Camera Controller
com.samsung.android.watch.findmyphone Find My Phone
com.samsung.android.watch.flashlight Flashlight
com.samsung.android.watch.alarm Alarm
com.samsung.android.mediacontroller Media Controller
com.samsung.android.gallery.watch Gallery
com.samsung.android.dialer Dialer
com.android.vending Playstore Watch
com.google.android.apps.maps Maps

Try running simple adb commands

adb connect 192.168.xxx.xxx:5555 (your watch IP address & enable debugging)
adb shell
pm list packages

You will get an output list like this

The app ID is after package:


go to playstore and download the Package names app . open it and you will see the apps that are installed on your phone.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have other questions.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you. That helps me better understand what is going on with the codes. I’m still struggling to get the package/app id combinations for Timer and Stop Watch since I’ve never used ABD and haven’t been able to get it to run correctly yet.

The Package names app only seems to show me what is available on my phone, and not the watch, which isn’t helpful here.

It would be extremely helpful if Samsung would release a full list of it’s built in apps within the Watch Studio documentation.

Do you have Developer Options → ADB Debugging and are you connected by WiFi? see below on how to connect using the command prompt

They don’t know them that is the problem using package name ID’s unless they are for personal use. Wear OS could update them with a new version of Wear OS or some watch manufactures may not support them.

using ADB to get list
Using File manager copy the address where you installed adb by default
(copy the address as text from file manger using right click on the address bar)
Open a command prompt
navigate to the folder address using cd command
cd C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Programs\WatchFaceStudio\tools\window
Then type
adb connect 192.168.x.x:5555 (where 192.168.x.x is your watch’s IP address).

after it connects
adb shell
pm list packages

copy all and paste into Notepad

Samsung Developer Relations

Here is the complete list.
ID Watch4.txt (8.3 KB)