[GUIDE] Parsing Time - Splitting HH:MM:SS into H1 H2 M1 M2 S1 S2

Here is a quick guide on how to parse time into separate digits (WFS v1.2.6)
(If you have a better way, please do share)

First digit of hour (24H and 12H format) 23:45 → 2 / 12:45 → 1

Second digit of hour (24H and 12H format) 23:45 → 3 / 12:45 → 2

First digit of minute 23:45 → 4

Second digit of minute 23:455

First digit of second 23:45:19 → 1

Second digit of second 23:45:199

Parsing Time Example


In Watch Face Studio? It doesn’t have string parsing functions.

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So, is this actually possible, because it is EXACTLY what I was needing for a current design?