Gyro Questions - Getting True Up and Down?

I am trying to understand the gyro functions.

If I have an image whose range is -90 to 0, then it works well in the preview/emulator, so that the image disappears on any positive value, but on the watch the image stays present in all angles.

My idea is to have different images show and hide based on the tilt of the watch. I see a limit where one can’t have an image only show between -90 and -50, as the settings want to throw a reciprocal +50. But I would like to have a series of images at every 30 degrees or so.

Also, I am mystified on how to use just the X axis without the Y axis, as tilts seem to prefer the positive X and Y to the negative X and Y, meaning the tilt goes from the Northwest to the Southeast, rather than just North to South. If a watch’s X = -90 and is held perfectly level then the Y value is 0. Just a slight tilt to the right pushes the Y into a negative range. How do I allow an image to show and hide at only the X values, and how to slice up the full -90 to +90 range to show and hide images?

Hi @dlo1579881831,

Gyro effects won’t work unless the absolute values of each property’s reference points are equal. For example, Inner pivot X can’t use -90 and 45 as its reference points, but it can use -45 and 45.

I am afraid whether it would be possible in GWS or not but so far I haven’t seen anything like that.

You can manipulate the opacity of the image only in Gyro X tab to show/hide at the X values. You can slice up only from negative value to any positive value in the Range property of any Gyro tab. However, I am afraid it wouldn’t serve what actually you are expecting.