Gyro Function Question

I’m struggling with the Gyro function, and am frustrated trying to find the correct settings.

I have an image which I only want to have visible when the X axis is between -45 and +45, and when the Y axis is likewise between -45 and +45.

So in the “XY” Gyro properties, I can set the range from -45 to +45, and in the opacity the setting is -100% to -100%. It works really well on the X and the Y axis.

But whenever the watch tilts to the upper right or the lower left, the X and Y values reach -90 or +90, and the image stays visible. The image stays invisible whenever the gyro is on the upper left or the lower right. How do I set the gyro so that all quadrants hide the image past 45 degrees?

When I try to use the specific X and Y properties, only one of them allows me to change the opacity of the image.

Update: The Tip says: “You can only change each property in one tab. For example, if a Rotation value is entered in the Gyro X tab, then the Rotation value cannot be entered in the Gyro Y or Gyro XY tabs.”

So far I haven’t been able to find a suitable companion property to opacity for the other axis.

I’m hoping to have 9 different images which show or hide, based on the X Y values, but can’t seem to get an understanding of how this can happen. The middle image (x=0, y=0) would be the top-most layer I assume.

Hi @dlo1579881831,
See the attached screenshot of my XY tab. Please don’t forget to keep the values to zero (0) on X and Y tabs.

Hope this will resolve your issue.


Thanks Azad. In my GWD, if I place the X and the Y at 0 in the X tab and the Y tab then the image won’t appear at all. If I leave the X and the Y at -90 and +90 on those tabs, then while the image appears, it has the original problem of still being visible when: X = -65 and Y = +62, Or X = 65 and Y = -62.