Gyro settings and Conditional Lines

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this as it looks like a bug to me…

Description: Gyro properties do not act on components which are subject to ‘conditional lines’.

Example: I’ve built a really simple test case, A watch face with only three components that shows just hours and minutes. There are two hour fields - one for 12H mode and one for 24H mode and one field for minutes.

In WFS, I’ve clicked on the ‘+’ sign in the ‘show/hide layer’ bar to add a conditional line for ‘12/24H’ and then activated the conditional lines for my two hours fields so the relevant hours fields will display dependent on whether the user wants time to be displayed in 12 or 24 hour mode.

On all three fields I’ve set the inner X and Y pivot points to be 225, and applied Gyro to the x-axis to rotate from -45 to +45 degrees. This should result in the time rotating about the centre of the watch face as the user’s arm is moved, and indeed this is what is shown in WFS in the preview window when the gyro joystick is dragged back and forth.

BUT, when the watch face is built and downloaded onto my device (GW4 Classic), when I move my wrist, the hour components do not rotate but stay static when my arm is moved. The minutes field does rotate as it should.

I’ve also tried fields controlled by tag expressions and these seem to behave correctly (my testing is not thorough here, but a simple test of tag-controlled fields was OK)

Have others encountered this?

Can you create Developer Support Request on this and attach a very simple .wfs project that demonstrates it.

When you set conditional lines it says it removes all other conditions but I’m not sure it means gyro settings.

That report would be much appreciated.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron,

Report submitted (#44678 )