Gyro and AOD

Hi All,

I think this may be a bug but as usual wanted to pass it by the community first.

Image and time fields which have gyro settings applied behave differently when the watch transitions to AOD mode. It is easy to reproduce.

Test case:

  • Create a new watch face and add a rectangle to the face 300x100px. Position the rectangle so that its centre aligns to the right hand side of the face - i.e. half is showing and half is hidden.
  • Now add a time field - in this example I just used “HH:mm” as the format template - and position this field inside the left half of the rectangle (i.e. time field is visible on the watch face).
  • Now for both the rectanngle and the time apply GyroX settings. In this example I set “Inner pivot X” to be +90 to -90 px.
  • Varying the GyroX settings in the GWS run window shows the rectangle and the time fields sliding together to the left and right. At one extremity, some of the time field slides off the right hand side of the face.
  • Generate an AOD field - you might need to lower the brightness if the rectangle a bit of the AOD to get it into acceptable brightness levels.
  • Build and load onto your watch.

Issue (on the watch):
I expected that when the watch transitions from its active mode to AOD mode that it should display the rectangle and time fields in their ‘initial positions’ - i.e. as set during watch design, as Gyro animation does not function in AOD mode.

The rectangle does indeed behave this way, but the time field stays wherever it was last when the transition to AOD mode occurs.

Flick the watch face so that it is active and gently rotate your wrist back so that the time display is partially obscured on the watch face (the display elements have moved over to the right according to the GyroX settings). When the watch transitions to AOD mode a few seconds later, the rectangle reverts to its initial positon (as it would look with zero gyro settings), while the time display remains partially obscured.

Secondary Issue (in GWS):
Gyro fields do not operate in AOD mode, but in GWS, if you display the AOD face in the run window and vary the run window gyro variables, the time element still slides.

Conmments welcome!

The AOD mode is a completely different instance of a watch face than the active mode. There is not any carry-over from one watch face to the other.

It appears as there is a bug in the Run Window in GWS that allows Gyro to operate on the light effect complication however you can not set a gyro effect. I’ll report this as a bug and see what the developer team says.

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Thanks Ron,

What are your views on why time fields and images with gyro effects behave differently differently on the actual watch in AOD mode (as described in “Issue (on the watch)” in my original post? I assume this is also a bug?



Hi Rob,
If you mean this.

This sounds like a bug the complication. There is a steps complication that when you apply it to your Active watch face it also is applied to the AOD mode so this could be similar. Can you report this as a bug with a simple example ? Please ask that I be copied when you submit the report.

Thanks for catching this.

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Thanks Ron.

Support request raised, #27025. I have mentioned you in the request.