Heart Pulse Raw Data

My name is Joao Pargana and I’m a software developer working on a research app for the Max-Planck-Institut of empirical aesthetics.

Our researchers want to conduct an experiment, where they monitor the number of heart pulses during a given period, to associate with other measured data.

After going throw the documentation I could not find, if the functionality we need is available with your software. I was wondering if we can either:

  • have access to the heart pulses and their corresponding timestamps during a given time span
  • or manipulate the provided software to reach this goal of obtaining that raw data.

I’d be very grateful if you could help me with this question.

Tizen has 3 platforms you can develop in. .Net, C/C++ , or Web what language would you be developing in. There are several examples of HRM for each but each is different.

If you are planning on using S Health information that is not a public API.

Samsung Developer Program

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