Heartrate Activityname

실행할 심박수 액티비티명이 있나요?
심박수 패키지명도 없는데 액티비티명이 있을리가 없겠죠…?
왜 심박수 패키지명과 액티비티명을 만들지 않는건가요??

Is there a heart rate activity name to run?
There is no heart rate package name, but there should be no activity name…?
Why not create a heart rate package name and activity name??

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Please check out the following link:

Thank you.

Hmm… I can’t find Client ID and Access code.

So, I can’t activate my app :frowning:

And can’t I use the examples in CodeLab?
This link

We are aware of the issue. You used to be able to do it in Developer mode but can’t any longer.

There is a note on this page about partners but there is no timeline and our contacts in the Samsung Health team did not give any dates.

I wish I had more information for you.

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