Incorrect activity name from Samsung Health API for activity session

I am using “Health Platform API” to read workout activities performed on Samsung Watch 4 and Watch 5.

  1. It has been observed that, we are getting getting wrong name from Samsung API for performed workout.
    For example,
    “Cycling” we are getting “workout_outdoor”
    “Pull-ups” is getting as “workout_indoor”
    “Push-ups” is getting as “workout_indoor” etc.

However, Samsung Health App is showing correct names for same workouts.

Can you please help us understand why it happening and what could be done to get actual workout names.
2. For activity sessions - not getting all the parameters from Samsung health SDK.

For ex:

For walking and running – not getting heart rate, step count, VO2 Max for that session of workout.

Unable to get workout related params like repetitions, step counts, sets, elevation gained, Heart rate, VO2Max for any of the activity (Exercise/Workouts).

Please guide. Thanks in advance.


This has been mentioned before. I believe Samsung Health is being updated for Wear 4 (API 33) and all of Samsung Galaxy Watches will be updated to that version. I hope that these are cleared up

Check out the blog tutorials for Wear OS Health that should help you get started.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks for the information. Let me check above link and get back to you.