Hello Dear Team - Now Samsung Frp Lock Byepass WIth Tools

Hello Samsung Team I want to give you some information
**About Samsung FRP Lock - Now some tools are available in the market which are doing FRP removal in test mode. **

**I have some group, if you block CODE , then the security of your Samsung will be good, otherwise people will consider the security of Samsung as weak. **
I am providing you a link for how it works, watch the video on this link

I would like to request you to turn off these 2 and improve Samsung’s security
I updated with you some photos and some videos on video file please you can see

Edited link out

I’ve removed the link without opening.
You should report this to Samsung Mobile Security If it is real there may be a bounty for you.

I will remove this thread shortly this is not the correct forum either use the Samsung Members App or the link provided above

Samsung Developer Relations