Help Exporting Theme to APK

Hi there!

I have just finished creating my theme off the Galaxy Themes Studio on the Google Chrome Browser, however, I do not know how to move past this step because I do not understand what a “Key Store” is and what I should name it, I also do not understand what it means when it asks the “Validity (years)”


Keystore is a security certificate and you must sign a security key for your apps to sell on Galaxy Theme Store. For nam, you can name it as you wish.
Also provide validity of your app in Galaxy Theme Store higher is better.


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as Aqeel wrote, you need, but i suggest to use always for each Theme the same Keystore, generate 1 Time a Key, because of you want to update a Theme later, it need the Key with which it was uploaded :wink: so you can’t update a theme with a other key :wink:

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Ohh, okay I see. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for your help, will keep that in mind!