What are, and how do I use Keystores

Hi, I’m new to the Themes Editor. I have a question about “Keystores” when exporting an APK from the Theme Editor. What is it? Do I put my name and password, or is it a group of APKs and I make a new name and password for it?
Thanks for any help!

It’s been so long I forget what the keystore holds, hopefully someone knows :slight_smile:

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In GWS it is distributor and author certificates, is it that for Themes too?


Dhruv also asked this question in our FB group and I gave him the answer :slight_smile: With themes, you need to create a Keystore from the Export APK screen, then you use this Keystore to build all APKs. And it needs to be backed up like certificates because if it’s lost, you won’t be able to update any themes that were built with it. The same Keystore can be used on all themes.