Access to Theme Studio

Hi, recently I’ve been accepted as a Samsung theme designer, I applied for commercial distribution seller and it’s been approved, only the contract approval is still on hold
My question is: How many days it takes until they approve it? Is there a chance they refuse it? And why? Can I download the theme design app without having the contract approval?

My Theme Studio contact is out right now but I believe you can download and design as a Free distributor as you wait for the commercial seller.

For the commercial seller contact the seller store 1:1 enquiry. They won’t tell you if there is an issue unless you ask.

I applied and didn’t use my full middle name only first and last like the form said and was rejected. It didn’t match the Government ID. Changing it so first name was two names and the account was changed in a few days.

Samsung Developer Program

Thank you for answering my question , they approved the contract today and sent me an email to inform me that I can access Galaxy theme studio now