Help me to download Galaxy Theme Studio

Guys I dont want to sell any theme I just want to build themes for my Own phone is it possible to download Galaxy Theme Studio without applying for it ? If yes then send me a link or something, Thank you!


Not possible sorry. The theme software is accessed via browser and can’t be downloaded. The only way to get access is as an approved partner.

You can do this with Theme Park from Good Lock Labs
Information on how to use it is here

Samsung Developer Relations

So they both work same way ? I wanted to give my lockscreen Time like Pixel 6 big and bold that’s all but on theme park there is not much I can do to make it look like so :frowning:

Compare it to how a riding lawn mower and a Formula 1 Race Car work in the same way. :slight_smile:


It means that My dream for making my Sami phone’s lockscreen like Pixel 6 got shattered… Hope with OneUI5 Samsung give us big clock :smiley: