Theme Studio VS Theme Park...Its a joke

A while ago Samsung released mobile app called Theme Park to make your own theme and it keeps improved…and here is what the features can do that Theme Studio can’t :

1- Theme Park will let you make the theme in both dark mode and light mode simultaneously…so when you toggle dark mode its switches to the dark version of the theme that you made!

2- With the newest update Theme Park will let you install third-party icon pack directly to the Samsung native OneUI launcher!
While Theme Studio limited only to the 30+ native icons!

3- Theme Park will let you change the keyboard background with any image

And not to mention that Android 12 supposed to let the UI adapt the background color ( change background = change UI color pallette)

What should Samsung do?

1- Give the ability to make dark mode included in the theme itself…so that when we toggle dark mode it switches to our created one not the default

Many users stopped using themes because they like dark mode…and its true that you can make a dark theme but the system will recognize it as light mode so all third party app will be in light mode and that’s not what the users want

2- the ability to customize third-party icons

The most important element in the theme is the icon…and many users install third-party launchers to be able to install full icon pack that includes third-party apps

3- give designer the ability to use graphics instead of colors in various UI elements such as keyboard background. Quick access toggles.status bar…etc

Otherwise themes will start getting less and less interesting

What’s your opinion?


I’m frankly disappointed and confused, we’re all pushing to be able to include dark mode in our themes, for a long time, and nothing yet. Now this.

With the latest #galaxy-themes App update, the app disappears as such from the screen, so I guess they’re trying to diminish our presence in favor of Galaxy Store.
Now, Galaxy Store is pushing other kind of things -different than themes- to sell besides games and apps: When you go to ‘Themes’ you get a selection of fonts, stickers, AR emojis, barely a hand-picked selection of themes under a particular topic (“Autumn”) but if you click the thumbnails you get to see the themes to buy them but you never leave the Galaxy Store. Time ago, it would link you directly to the Themes Store… not anymore.

See how it is now:

All that left me thinking they are gradually discontinuing the service without telling us face a to face. They are doing it in little steps. Otherwise we would hanven’t be ignored in this way. Probably they’re tired -as we are- to see tons of low qualitiy, poorly designed photocopied themes, all looking the same. Big sellers spam the store with ugly themes, you can clearly see they mounted a copy+paste production line in order to flood the store with awful themes, but they are not interested in creativity but in sales.

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This is a 3rd party app not a Samsung Release. Samsung cannot stop competition because of fair trade laws in most countries.

However I think you have valid suggestions and should submit them to the premier support team.

Samsung Developer Relations

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I still don’t get why they don’t add dark mode ability…even for single theme

Oh wow I haven’t noticed that! Its indeed disappeared from home screen and app drawer
Im sure that will have impact on themes downloads because most new users won’t dig that deep in the store (its take a few steps to get there and even not highlighted)…if the icon there many will click on to explore
And one more thing there is no freaking themes in the theme section…unless you search for theme app and open it you won’t see theme in the store

The funny thing is that Samsung consider Themes as a feature to promote their product to non-Samsung users

And im talking as Samsung user since 2013 not as publisher

Dark mode. full icon pack and seperate Themes app is a must have things


Thank you for your response

No I’m not saying Samsung shouldn’t allow that…no
I actually like using it myself
People have access for designing tools yet they still looking for designer because having the tools is something and build a project is something else

I just want a better improvements for Theme Studio as a user and designer and its improvement for Samsung too

Can you please tell me where should I submit that? for the premier support team?


Theme Park is part of Good Lock which is maintained by Samsung, what am I missing?

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Theme Park is a Samsung app.


Frankly, this situation of seeing free tools like Theme Park (which is part of Good Lock, and at the same time is developed by or for Samsung) as unfair competition to those of us who do the work as a source of income. They even offer better features, such as working with dark mode and no compatibility issues as it happens to us with all the bugs we have to report.

I’m not against there being free apps, but for the Galaxy Apps ecosystem itself to foster unfair competition, almost to the level of sabotage or cannibalization of their own products, is unreasonable.
The company gets its 30% cut of our sales. Meanwhile, we see that Galaxy Themes is being relegated, either because it is no longer in the user’s view, to the new user, or because it is no longer linked directly from the Galaxy Store.

Is there a long term goal for #galaxy-themes or is this a trial and error issue? We developers deserve some kind of honest communication.

I was missing it, not you. :slight_smile: I read up on it just now. I’m old and I can still learn.


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Hi Ron

You haven’t told me where should I submit my suggestions

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The Theme Studio Support Team and I forget what they call it premium support or premier support something like that.

Samsung Developer Relations

I believe it is built into the Theme Studio help system. It is how you report bugs or send feedback.

Samsung Developer Relations

The icon section in theme park it’s extremely useless first❗

1: when you Finally try to change the shape of the icons you don’t get adaptive to the new shape what you choose!!! Unfortunately you get ugly white tray around the icon we wish it will be fixed because extremely bad looking and very annoying a lot of people hate it :exclamation:

2: when you change to any different shape the icons they stop being animated like calendar and clock icon which is so disappointing also :pensive:

While its true that Theme Park icon section is bad and limited but that’s not the point
The point is that app will let you install third-party icon from anywhere and that what users want
(I always get feedback that their apps isn’t customized)

Other brand will let you install third-party icon pack directly to their launcher… samsung doing that by Theme Park now… later it may be without app just built in features and thats mean themes icon on samsung theme app is useless at that point

Now samsung (if they want Themes app to still be useful) should make a separate section for icon pack

And allow developers to publish full icon pack (developed by Android studio… or they made a new codless program for that)
And allow users to install full icon pack into samsung launcher only through Themes app (maybe its a monopoly) but its make a profit for them and give us the designers a better way to reach certain audience better than the Google play Store ones


Wow @Ahmad9 finally an intelligent comment that actually make some sense and help us, theme developers. Please let’s follow the threads and make a point, to create a serious discussion, otherwise these forums are just random bs


Thank you. That the only thing comes to my mind to help both users and designers
I already submitted a suggestion for that
And I wanted to make a post in “request feature” section but I don’t know if that is really useful and they pay attention for it or not