Help! My Installed PWA Site Can't Be Launched

Please help me! My installed PWA site can’t be launched on Samsung Internet Browser. It has been successfully installed as app but when I click its icon, it can’t be launched.
On Chrome Browser it is working fine.

Here is my PWA site url

What’s wrong with my PWA site? I am very appreciate for any help.
Thank you…

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i’m not a pwa expert. But maybe this site can help you:


I had already seen that site. That site only talk about pwa basic and those requirements are not specifically for Samsung Internet Browser. My site already fulfill that requirements but still not working only on Samsung Internet Browser. On Chrome Browser, it is working fine.

Hi there - Sorry for the delay in response! I was able to get your PWA to install on Samsung Internet 12.0 stable - see screenshot. Are you still having an issue?

Also if you are having further debugging trouble can I suggest PWA Builder as a good tool ? We are collaborating with them.

As I said, it can be installed but it can’t be launched. Have you tried to click that my app icon?

Aha! Yes I can confirm the issue. And I also tested it on our Beta with the same results. Does anything show up in your log that might help to understand what’s going on? We’ll also do some checking on our end.

Which log can I check for it? How can I trace the log if I can’t debug using samsung internet browser on pc? Because the issue is specific only happened on samsung internet browser.
Btw thank you very much for your help on checking it too.

You can find more info about testing and debugging with Samsung Internet in this post:

Our engineering team had a look and we’ve discovered a bug with how we deal with PWAs on a non-standard port number. We’re going to push a fix which should be out in the coming weeks. In the mean time, please try it on the standard https port and see if that fixes the issue.

Great! Thank you very much for the respond.
Yes, its because my site is on Tomcat server which must have port on it.

I’ve been researching PWA and I intend to make a change to my website. After all, it’s been over 8 years since I created I know that PWA has numerous advantages and one of them is, of course, the increase in conversion.

Solve your user’s need the moment he finds you, with few features and a lot of speed, without the need to install an app.

In practice I am researching to implement it yet.

Have a look at some of the resources on our blog, specifically:

The MDN pages (which we contribute to) on PWAs are also useul:

Finally, take a look at PWA Builder - a great tool for evaluating the work you need to put in to turn your site into a PWA:

I have updated the latest samsung internet browser and my installed pwa site is working now.
Thank you very much for the help. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to ask, would it be considered to use PWA to establish such a website? The following is my website MusicMap .
The understanding of PWA is still not clear, I would like to ask you all, thank you very much!!

For your website, it is better to convert it as pwa. Actually making pwa site is very easy and doesn’t need to learn such as angular language. We can still use standard javascript.

Thank you for your reply, I will try to learn to use PWA on the website :blush: