[help] Samsung Internet canceling requests

I’m a SWE for QuintoAndar. We have PWA applications with hundreds of thousands customers in Brazil.

About couple months ago, we started to receive a lot of user feedbacks concerning blank screens in Samsung Internet.

After debugging for source-code bugs, I found that some requests are being canceled by the browser:

Although our application is a React app with server-side rendering support, the pages that are facing this issue aren’t: they are simple SPA pages without any content from the server.

Another point that intrigues me is that some requests from the runtime initiator works and some doesn’t:

I’ve tried:

  • to disable the service worker
  • clean application cache
  • webpack 3 and 4

All those tests were performed with a physical Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950FD G950FXXU5DSH3, Android 9, One UI 1.0, Samsung Internet version

We also made some other tests using Samsung devices from BrowserStack. All of then have Samsung Internet in version 9. None of then worked.

Also, we tested in a S7 with Samsung Internet in version It worked.

Can you provide any help to understand why this requests are being canceled?

[Edit 1]
After updating Samsung Internet of the Galaxy S8 from to, it worked.

There’s something we could do in the app to prevent this issue in versions and below? Recommend users to update the browser isn’t a scalable solution.


I’m currently checking with the team, could you please provide me with the steps to reproduce the errors that you’re having.

Hi Kevin, thanks for the reply.


  1. Using a Samsung device with Samsung Internet version or below;
  2. Plug the data cable and enable remote debug through Chrome DevTools;
  3. Open a new tab in Samsung Internet app;
  4. Find the Samsung device through Remote Devices tab in DevTools and inspect the previously opened tab;
  5. Open one of the following:
    5.1 https://www.quintoandar.com.br/twa
    5.2 https://www.quintoandar.com.br/auth/login
    5.3 https://www.quintoandar.com.br/comprar/imovel
  6. Watch the network tab;
  7. Some dynamic requests will be canceled by the browser resulting in a blank page.

Thank you Raphael.
I’ve relayed the information to the team.

This might help you in the meantime, I’ve noticed that the error occurred on scripts that are appended asynchronously in the head.

I’ll get back to you when I have an update.

You are right Kevin!

Besides scripts, other resource types (css) are also being canceled.