Hospitality Browser in OM46D-W

Hi there,

I’m trying to develop an application for a customer, with his OM46D-W TV , for digital signage.
There is not much documentation for this TV ( manufactured on January 2015 ) I tried my es6 application with no result, then transpiled it ti ES5 with no more result. ( it works on IE11 ) .

I was wondering, what kind of browser is Hospitality Browser ? What can I do with it ? What are the specs ?
Can I install something more recent on this TV ?
Thanks for your replies.


You should see the Samsung Signage Site for information and documentation.

Hospitality and Signage TVs are specially encoded and compared to Home TVs so use that site and if you can’t find a useful information there sign up as a Smart TV App Seller and use the Enquiry there for support.

I moved this to Smart TV as it really isn’t a Samsung Internet App question.

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