Hour hand more frequent update than every minute

Hi watchmakers!

I want to create a decimal watch: Ten decimal “hours” per day (instead of twenty-four), one hundred decimal “minutes” per decimal “hour” (instead of sixty), one hundred decimal “seconds” per decimal “minute” (instead of sixty).

The Galaxy Watch Studio allows you to set the number of times a hand rotates. It’s easy to see that the “minute” hand rotates 10 times per day, and the “second” hand rotates 1000 times per day.

There’s one big problem: When I run the sample timeline, the “second” hand only updates one time per (real, not decimal) minute. That’s not frequent enough for a second hand.

Is there a way to ask it to update more frequently?

I do not know how to make this simply in GWD. You can not force the hand to tick exactly on your decimal marks, as your decimal seconds are shorter than the standard ones.

day has 24x60x60=86400 standard seconds. the second hand has to rotate 518400°.

day has 10x100x100=100000 your decimal seconds. the second hand has to do 360000°.

that means the decimal second hand will run slower, actually 360000° in 86400 standard seconds.

one way could be inserting a hand as image and make it rotate using expression like ([s]+[m]x60+[H]x60x60)x3600/864 (replace x with *). It will be ticking inbetween marks. In GWS you can change the rotation movement from normal to sweep to mask those not matching ticks.

Hi Peter!

My question is even more basic than what you’re writing.

I wrote my “second” hand to sync with “hour in day”. Under “rotate”, I set the second hand to rotate 1000 times per day.

Then I run my sample watch face in the timeline in the bottom of the Galaxy Watch Studio.

At midnight, the watch face is correct.
At 12:00:01, the watch face doesn’t move.
At 12:00:02, the watch face doesn’t move.
At 12:00:03, the watch face doesn’t move.

At 12:00:58, the watch face doesn’t move.
At 12:00:59, the watch face doesn’t move.
At 12:01:00, the watch face updates.

An “hour in day” hand only updates once per minute.

Is there a way to tell the Galaxy Watch to update a hand more frequently?

I understood what you were trying. To force hand element into doing something basic, yet unexpected. That is what I wrote in beginning. Typical hour hand has no reason to update more often than once a minute, because on usual watch it moves only like 0.5° per minute. It has only two options, normal or “jump hour” movement. And that is why I suggested alternative solution. You can tell galaxy watch to update element 15 times per second if you use sweep movement, but not to update rotation of hand synced with hour more often than once a minute.
Btw. even the decimal minute hand does not look good the basic way, as it ticks once a standard minute, not matching the decimal marks.