Hour 'hand' motion - sweep?

Hi folks, just had a question about the hour hand functionality. I had a cool idea and wanted to see if it would work with the constraints of GWS.

We know that the second hand can be programmed to ‘sweep’ instead of ‘tick’ at a certain frequency, but neither the Minute hand nor the Hour hand offer this sweep functionality. I wanted to make a sweep effect for an Hour hand if it was at all possible, but the Movement Effect only offers ‘jump’ instead of sweep. Can anyone enlighten me on what this does please, and whether a sweep motion can be coded into the Minute or Hour hands?

I’m still rather new to this but picking up a lot of tips along the way. I’ve gone through various youtube videos to see what can be done very creatively, and the ideas that I’ve picked up along the way have offered a good degree of inspiration. I’m hoping to keep that going, but within the programmability of GWS.


Hello. The ticking motion of any hand means it goes directly to its next discrete position to show current state of time until it changes. For the minute and hour hand it would mean they will not show any positions between their tick marks (minute hand jumps once a minute, hour hand once a hour). But the normal movement of these hands updated once a second is smooth enough so there is no need for sweep option. They do not move so fast as second hand, that is fast enough to see the difference.

Thanks. I had a think about this and drew the same conclusion shortly after writing it. I was also a bit lost on what ‘jump’ values were, but now it makes sense that either a minute hand or hour hand would incrementally ‘creep’ between minutes/hours if using a ‘normal’ value, but do a coarse ‘jump’ between minutes/hours if set to jump.

I know this kind of question seems very basic to the initiated, but I’m gradually picking it up and it’s starting to make sense. Cheers.