Update/Tick Hand Only Every X Seconds/Minutes

Apologies if this is a basic function that I am unable to get working. What I would like to do is have a second hand that only ticks every 5 seconds; similar to a jump hand, but on 5’s rather than 1’s. Similarly the same function for a minute hand; jump every 5 minutes rather than every 1 minute.

My builds are traditionally made with the WatchMaker platform; where this functionality would be done using LUA math functions. I am including how I do this for the second hand for clarity on the off chance the codes are useable, but I’m ignorant as to how they translate to Galaxy Watch Studio. For the second hand I would use, in LUA, math.ceil({ds}/5) * 30; where math.ceil rounds up {ds} the seconds then divides by 5 and ultimately multiplies by the needed rotation 30.

I appreciate any help on the subject. Thank you.

Create your own hand image and use tags floor([SEC]/5)*30 for the rotation. Likewise using the [MIN] tag

The predefined hands are to synch with time settings so you can’t just modify them.

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