How can I check user checked "deliver quietly" option in application notification settings in Android 12

I want to know whether user checked “deliver quietly” option in app notification settings or not. I found this options in my Galaxy S20 on Android 12.

But I didn’t find any matching API in NotificationManager in Android. How can I get this information for my app programatically?

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I would recommend you use the Samsung Members App for feedback
go to and depending on your location
either → Click on Explore Tab → Click on Community
Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and under support is a link to the community

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I am android application developer and this is not end user question.

My question is about “How can I determine whether user turned on my app’s “deliver quietly” option in system notification setting programatically”. I think this feature is not based on a genuine android notification api, but Samsung’s customized feature. So I asked this question here. I want to know right api or code snippet for that feature.


Thanks for clarifying it I punched in the wrong boiler plate response. I meant to post that you ask in the Android community.
You can open a developer’s support as a One UI issue. If it is a Samsung API then they may be of help.

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