How can i synchronization automatically


I made a app that when heartrate is high, send messages to family. But it doesn’t sync auto.

I have ever seen use Tizen. But i want to synchronization automatically.

So can i sync automatically with Galaxy Fit?
Or connect with my app?
Or start samsung health package name(heart rate name)?

I am Korean and I’m sixth grade so i can’t speak English naturally(sorry :frowning:).

I want get answers in detail. :slight_smile:

Galaxy Fit Uses a realtime operating system and you can not develop apps for it.

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So, can’t i use live heartrate data with Galaxy Fit?

You can use Health on your Mobile phone and it is synced with Galaxy Fit but you can not directly access the FIT health information.

see this example for Android It might give you some ideas.

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Why i can’t use sampleservice?
I can’t use it?

How can i sync automatically Galaxy Fit with Samsung health.

I don’t have a Galaxy Fit and don’t know anyone that does but reading the product description it does sync with health automatically when you pair the watch to your mobile.

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