Heart Rate Sync with Google Health Connect

I wanted to develop an app that requires health data like HR, Blood Oxygen etc. I Planned on using health connect but I ran into some issues.

  1. Everything syncs fine from Samsung health to health connect (steps,blood oxygen etc) except HR data that was measured manually or automatically by my galaxy watch 4
  2. Heart rate data from exercises is the only HR data available in health connect not manual one off measurements


  1. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?
  2. Is health connect the correct choice for this type of app? (I want to trigger hr and spO2 reading and get this data into my app)
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There is a blog on Exercise statistics monitoring It has an example application.

In this blog post we cover different ways to gather exercise data. We created an example application called Exercise Monitor which gathers statistics about your heart rate and speed while running on a treadmill. In the application we use two ways to gather statistics: StatisticalDataPoint for speed and manual heart rate tracking for comparison. You can download it here.

It looks like that will show you how to get the manual Heartrate.

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I have encountered the same issue that jauwaadshams reported. " Exercise statistics monitoring" pertains to Wear OS development. When using the Fitbit Sense2 device, it records heart rate data in Health Connect every minute. I hope someone can inform us why not all heart rate data is written to Health Connect.

I hope someone can inform us why not all heart rate data is written to Health Connect.

I know enough to be a good guesser so here goes. There are two types of heartrate data. One is Sample Data an instantaneous measurement, such as heart rate, blood pressure, or running speed

The other is Series Data that is particularly suited for high-frequency sensor data, such as continuous heart rate samples during an activity session.

In Samsung health on my W5 shows the last read time and it is updated every 10 minutes unless I’m active.


Based on the information in the article Accessing Samsung Health Data through Health Connect, all data, including heart rate data, should be written to Health Connect as soon as the Galaxy Watch sends the data, regardless of whether it is sample data or not. However, the user “jauwaadshams” reported that only heart rate data from exercises was available in Health Connect, and not manual one-off measurements.

Since the Samsung Health Partnership Program is currently closed, Health Connect API is the only way to access Galaxy Watch’s collected data, except for directly accessing data in Wear OS. It’s unclear whether this is a known bug or not

Samsung Health Partnership Program Android SDK was for use with Tizen watches and that is gone for good they are not accepting any new Tizen content so there is no need for it.

As you said for Wear OS Health Connect is how to do it now.

Are you saying that the example code from the blog did not have how to do manual heart rate tracking? I may have misunderstood what the blogger meant I thought it was there.

I am told that there are changes coming soon for Samsung Health I can ask if this will be included it.

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This issue has disappeared sometime between these days through the update of both Samsung Health and Google Health Connect. However, I am not sure when it occurred.

I noticed the permission to share data with health services in Samsung Health after the last update but like you I don’t know if that was when it first appeared.

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