How do I get my menstrual cycle from Samsung Health?

How do I get my menstrual cycle from Samsung Health?
Please Tell me about the Samsung Health API

Please follow these steps…
Open Samsung Health: Launch the Samsung Health app on your mobile device.

Navigate to the “Trackers” Section:

Depending on your app version and device, you may need to tap on the “Discover” tab or look for a “Trackers” or “More” option in the app’s menu.
Create a Custom Tracker:

Look for an option to add a custom tracker or measurement.
You might find this under “Add Tracker” or a similar option.
Name the Tracker: Label it as “Menstrual Cycle” or something similar.

Set Up Tracking:

Specify the start date of your last menstrual period.
Choose a tracking method, such as the number of days or flow intensity.
Enter Data Regularly:

Throughout your menstrual cycle, enter data like the start and end dates of each period, any symptoms, and notes about your cycle.
Analyze Data:

Samsung Health may provide basic charts or data visualization to help you track your cycle’s patterns.

What is in the HealthConstants Data Type?
How do I get it into my programming?

You have to be a Privileged Health Partner (only available for US/Canada and the EU.)

You can use Health Connect to get the shared watch data on your mobile.

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