Samsung Health server API

I want to get Samsung Health data in my application, there’s any Samsung Health API?

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Yes, there is an available Samsung Health API, named Samsung Privileged Health SDK. The Samsung Privileged Health SDK is specialized for Galaxy Watch4 devices or later. Currently, the Samsung Privileged Health SDK is available for selected partners only. You will also need partnership access with Samsung Health if you want to obtain this SDK. To join, you can apply for partnership. You can learn more about this SDK by reading the documentation available here.

And there is an available Health API for android also, called Samsung Health SDK for Android. This SDK provides secure access to Samsung Health data with applicable data types. Even You will need partnership access for this SDK too. You can learn more about this SDK by reading the documentation available here.|


I need to clarify @rishat007 response a bit

Health API is available but is useless for new developers. It was for Tizen based watchs (Galaxy Watch3 and older) but only in developer mode and you needed a special key to even test on your device. You can’t get that key any longer.

Privileged partners is only available for US developers, the EU is in the works may already be available. That is for Galaxy Watch4 and newer devices.

You don’t need to be a privileged partner to get most of what you want as a normal developer. It is more for corporations who already have Health apps. Samsung and Google have paired to develop Wear OS Health Connect and Wear OS Health Services

There are several blog tutorials created in 2022 that should help you get started without needing Samsung Health API.

Samsung Developer Relations

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