How do I go about having the colon blink with the

seconds? I made a simple watch face that is very minimal. I would like to have either the colon between the hour and minutes blink with the seconds or have a dot go along the edge.

Create a small horizontal strip matching the background that fits over the colon to mask it out. Have that strips opacity be zero or 100 depending on the seconds using a tag.

If you want a dot that travels use tag expression for a strip and placement

See the GWS tutorial on Tags I think there is a blog as well.

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If you don’t mind it will shine for a second and then hide for another second you can use either time line loop, or expression like (([s]%2)>0)*100 for opacity


Add an animation with 15 bitmaps. 7 with full color and 8 reduced color.

1 - Kopie - Kopie - Kopie


I use this with my digital clocks.

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I ended up added an extra : via text. Made it the color of my background and looped it. The preview it works as I thought it would. Not so much on the watch. It only blinks on 1/2 of the clock : so it looks like an eclipse. I have everything aligned.,

Go to the timeline, please go to right corner to the second.
Hide every alternate second for the 60 seconds.
Highlight the whole timeline which you used, right click and loop , it will work