How do I publish my watch face?

I have tried repeatedly to create a watch face and publish it but publishing does not work!!

Where are you trying to publish it? You need to provide as much information as possible when adding questions, thanks

Through the Watch Face Studio program, I click on Publish. The problem is that I do not know the data I need to enter, and if I enter a password or create a new one, an error message appears (the password is incorrect)

I have tried both versions available for download.

After you build the watch face, you need to create a Google developer account in Google Play Console and pay a registration fee. After you have a Google developer account, then you can publish your built watch face file (.aab) at Google Play console website.

How to register to be Google Play developer:

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Hello @besherdabbagh,
You can check out this blog for more details: Publishing Watch Faces to the Play Store

Thank you very much, I will try that!