Publish watchface on play store

Hi, i developed a watchface with watchfacestudio, then i published it on the playstore. I tested the watchface on my galaxy watch 4 (that is among the compatible devices on the google play console) but when I try to purchase the watchface I developed, the playstore tells me that the app is not compatible with my device, the same thing happens with other accounts that has the same devices.
Is it every happen to anyone?
I followed the official Google documentation, how can I publish it correctly?

First off if you haven’t been to the Play Store from your watch before it may not register your watch as a device.
Go to and see if it comes up on a search the watch faces take longer to be seen than the Android apps in the Play Store.

If you don’t see your watch face listed in Play Store watch section search then search this forum for other Play Store issues there are some settings you may have missed. Here is one link to try.

Hope this helps,