Steps to publish the Watch Face in Google Play Store

Hi there,

Looking for some help on publishing the watchface in Google Play Store…

I was able to reach the phase where I had uploaded the .aab file but when I try to create the close test version I got an error in Google Play console saying that It’s necessary do an upload of an APK or App Bundle… which I did… but looks like it’s missing something…

Looking forward to heard any hint about this…

skip all test and proceed. No need test for publish your watch face.

That doesn’t work. I got the same error.

“É necessário fazer upload de um APK ou Android App Bundle para este app.”

Translating that to english will be

“It is necessary to upload an APK or Android App Bundle for this app.”

Look like a file is missing but the .aab file is there. :frowning:

I don’t have screenshots but there is a different place to upload your app. I ran into the issue as well when I tried to make my first listing. IIRC, you have to set up a track for Wear OS and can upload it there.

That’s a hint… I will check this… Thank you @ttnicky