How do you set a progress bar to a specific date/time?

Hi, I’m super new to Watch Face Studio and I wanted to make a Watch Face. That Watch Face has a progress bar that’s full at the UTC 32 bit overflow. How do I do this?

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Hello, if you mean a slowly filling bar or circle, that has started in 1970 and fills in 2^31 seconds since then, the expression for its value should be something like 0+[UTC_TS]/21474836470

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Oh what Fun . I really cant wait :::)))

Excuse me but don’t forget it is counting in Milliseconds .
Max value of Progress must be set to 1.


Good point, I had the milliseconds incorporated with default max value 100 behind the popup window.

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I am really sorry to Muscle in but I could not help myself .
I have had enough .
Just needed to get it out of my head .
Someone can take it from here .
If you don’t Know .
You Download The ZIP File .

Do not Unzip it .

Just change the file extension to .wfs . Hey presto you can open it on your WFS .



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