Progress Progress Help Please

I am working with the Circular Progress Bar on WFS,


Works fine in a text box and the Range Value of a progress Bar set at 21 max on the UI . It is a NOP on my GW4 watch .

I am doing my best to learn this Syntax . It feels to me if it works on the UI it should work on my Watch .

Any Help will be appreciated .

Thanks in Anticipation .

Sorry I don’t understand your query. Could you please explain more?
What you want to do with the progress bar?

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Thanks for your response. I am trying to use the formula for the Fill angle of a Progress Bar that rotates every 21 seconds.

The main point of my enquiry is that it works on the WFS UI but not on the Watch. GW4.

It is not exactly same with your formula but it would make similar result

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Hey Thanks @sinjae . That works . Obviously there will be a 7 second glitch somewhere in the Day . It is a Breathing exercise Timer so come midnight we are probably not going to Kill Anybody.
To me adding Milliseconds and then dividing by 1000 is just Voodoo . But if Voodoo Works use Voodoo .
So we are saying DO NOT use [UTC_TS]
Thanks for your input .
As I was saying my main concern it s something works on WFS but not on the watch the UI was designed for .

@sinjae @Boshra . Thanks for your help got there in the end .


I suppose it is all about Operand Priority which I have been unable to learn for many reasons .

No glitches till they Reset the UNIX clock in 18years time .

In case someone is following this thread and is not sure how to make the formula work it is the Range value for the progress bar with the Maximum Value clamped to 21.

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