Curved progress bar values

what are the best values on all fields to make this progress bar borders closer to the watch border/radius? im kinda new on this so i don’t know the best values or exactly what each field does

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The dimensions of the circle of the watch face studio are 450 by 450. You can check this when you create a project or set a background image and see dimensions from the properties tab.

So if you need to fit the progress bar with the circle set the progress bar curving value as 450 by 450 and the placement value as 0 by 0.
image image


setting X and Y to 0,0 actually moves it outside of the watch face

and even if i try to manually move the bar to the corner i can see that the curvature isnt the same so idk if i’m doing something wrong or what

I have been struggling applying things that follow the curve of the screen.
What I found is to select the centre alignment in Placement at the top of properties.
Then made sure my inner pivots X,Y are 225.
You can also Align to the Top, Left, Right and bottom in Placement then adjust the curving to suit.
Could be where your pivots are off it’s not curving the bar as needed.
Just to add I’m a novice on WFS, just something I have found is need going round the edge of the screen area.

Are you trying with a Linear progress bar? The example I shared was a circular progress bar. Ad the range is 0-360.
Let me know if your issue remains.

nope, it’s a curved bar

it didnt work for me as well

I thought this was pretty intuitive. If you want the curvature of progress bar being paralel to the watch face border, the both values have to be same, the watch face is circle after all (extreme fall of elipse with both axes same long). The size of the canvas is 450x450, so if you want the bar to be close to the border, then the curvatures have to be both close to that number (unlock the lock and overwrite both random numbers to something like 440 or 450). Then hit the centering button to make it evenly aligned and done.