How Galaxy Watch calculates stepped floors? Mine does not count floors

Hi friends,

I wonder, how Galaxy Watch calculates the number of floors, I have stepped up and down over the day.

My question is cause since I use a width leather watch band, what is as wide as the watch - and the calculated amount of the number of floors stays mostly at zero.
This although I have a hole with 1 Inch as diameter in the bottom of the leather watch band to get skin-contact to the watch sensors.
The Pulse-Sensor works perfect with this watch band, but the floor-counter don’t do so unfortunately.

This effect, that the floor counter is “0”, I have on my Gear Watch 3 with identical watch band and as described also on my Galaxy Watch.

What could be reason, that the floor-counter remains at “0” all the time?
Does anyone have an idea, how to get the floor counter working?

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if you use stepper machine while working out in room, your watch wont count any floors.
To count a floor the watch has to sense your steps (the vibration when you are walking) and also has to sense barometric pressure change equal to about 3m height.
If you climb real stairs, first thing I would check is the baro-/altimeter, if it gives any data.

If you are wearing something heavy in your hand, or hold the handrail most of time, the watch might not sense the vibration (the height change it self wont be enough, same as it does not count if you use lift or elevator).
Also if you climb stairs with longer pause(s) between reaching whole floors, the counter resets.

I did some research on the Samsung Community…

You need to swing the arm that your watch is on and walk up 3 meters of stairs. Many houses have 8 feet floors and it won’t register as a floor. But if at the top of your stairs you raise your arms like Rocky Balboa it will count as a floor.

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Hi Ron,

thanks for your answer.
I thought all the time, reason for non-counting is my leather watch band.
All the floors in my house have just 8 feet in height.
It is not really important to me, that the floor counter works - just have wondered why it doesn’t count.
If I remember correct, in earlier FWs the floor counter has worked in my house as well.

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Hello Peter,

thanks for ya response.
Could be a reason, that I try to walk softly the stairs in my house, since the doc said, it’s better for my knees. :sweat_smile:
And the slippers, I wear since half a year now could harden the problem - Skechers have a soft inlay for softer walking.
I move my arms not really while climbing stairs up and down.

My thought was, that a hidden sensor in the watch is shielded by my watch band perhaps.
That elevators and stepper machines doesn’t count floors on the watch, is logical to me.

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don’t worry, watchband should not obstruct the air pressure sensor, but some “dirt” could. I guess this is from the manual, the sensor is in such recessed groove and vent is more to side close to band connection:

Hello Peter,

thanks for the pic.

The little hole is not shielded by my watch band. And Air-Pressure display works exactly.
So, I assume, the nonworking floor counter is because my floor height is not as high as the watch want to have.
I only have 7 feet 50 inches - as I have measured today - in height from one floor ground to the next floor ground - and this in all 3 floors.
And my steps are really soft meanwhile, so the watch should detect no movement or shake while stepping stairs.
As I told, it really doesn’t play a game .
At night in Bed, I feel anyway, how often I used the stairs over the day. :joy:

Kind regards

EDIT: Correction - did wrong calculation with meters to feet. :roll_eyes:
My floors are really 8,2 Feet (2,5m) from one ground to the next one.