Get total number of walk steps (Pedometer) in

I use Pedometer sensor to detect steps user have walked.
But I need to display total number of steps user walked since mid night. How can I read it?
Other watch faces show this very step count, so it’s possible.

Other watch faces are made using Galaxy Watch Studio and that has access to limited Samsung Health data. Tizen Developers do not have S Health access and use the sensors. They need to create their own memory storage for fitness data.

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Look here for an example:


As Ron said: You have to do your own service to count the steps since midnight. S Health is currently and unfortunately not available in Run your service in a sub-app and register a messaging port for your main app or read the steps by intervals.



What about reading recorded data (
Is it possible to access S Health pedometer using this API?


Would you please guide me how to develop sub-app?
How is it’s life-cycle, will it run even if user changes to another watchface?

Is it possible to access S Health pedometer using this API?

S Health is a proprietary algorithm that Samsung uses to create data from sensor technology and other factors. You can access the pedometer using Tizen sensors but you have to create your own algorithm to define what is a step.

Check GitHub there may be example code for determining steps. Probably example for a sub-app.

Samsung Developer Program

I using TizenFX for reading Pedometer.
I mean how to keep step counter alive, even when another watchface (not mine) is active.

Dear vak

Sorry for the late answer:

  1. You have to develop a service app, which run independent of your app(watchface).
  2. Control your new service app with the AppControl-Class (Start/Stop/Resume).
  3. Communicate thru the MessagePort with your service app and vice versa.

After that, you’ll need to develop your own logic to count the steps since midnight.
(Who walks on midnight? :slightly_smiling_face: )

All these info you can find on the API-Documentation.