Count of floors

Hi Ron. I have a request add to Wear OS complications ‘Floors’. Like has tizen. Is it possible this request get to developers of Samsung?
I know this is watch face studio forum, but I don’t know, where I should write it
Sorry for my english

Samsung Health complications were available for GWS because the Galaxy Watch Studio design team was able to use non-public API from Samsung Health. If you were designing watch faces with Tizen Studio you didn’t have access to that information.

The way Wear OS works is that the watch face designer adds a editable complication and the end user can then change that to another complication (like the Dashboard watch face does for the Tizen OS Watches).

So I’ve got two feature requests.
A: Add Samsung Health complications into the WFS software
B: Ask that Samsung Health make more components available in Wear OS Powered By Samsung for end users to customize with.

Samsung Developer Relations

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I understand and thank you

On a personal note, I’m GLAD floors can’t be displayed. On this and all other Galaxy watches, the floor counting algorithm is so poorly implemented that a floor climbed almost never registers. I made a conscious effort to avoid watch faces that displayed floors climbed because I got so irritated that it wasted valuable screen real estate by permanently displaying a zero :angry:

:laughing: For most residential homes you have to do a “Rocky” and raise your hands above your head to get it to count.


@ran1582838102 My watch counted the floors in order. It is necessary to recalibrate the altimeter from time to time