How to add this type of complication with WFS?

I wish to create this watchface, as this is my favorite and is not available on WearOS.

How can I add this “complication” to it:

Note: it doesn’t need to be real, user-changeable complication, I can accept a static image, but HR data shall be update the text inside, and somehow can I have that small dot?

Thank you

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You need to use the heart rate tag in the rotation of a hand that is only the dot.

You should know that except when active the heart rate is not updated very often and WFS only reports the last update information.

Good luck with your design you have really progressed.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thank you. Can I somewhere get the index screen and handles for this watchface, or I have to recreate it for myself?

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I guess if you want them exactly same, you would have to create them your self.
If you settle for what WFS has, there are some similar templates. Check index called line or the modern 3.
There are also the stick templates from which you can construct the ticks almost same. The hands I can remember seeing similar as template for square faces in GWD 1.6, but those were different proportions.
You probably wont get it exactly like it once was (at least the complications with weather are mystery to me). I used old sample files to stitch this template, it may help you on the way. Rename from .zip to .wfs (656.9 KB)